Providing viable technology solutions for business growth

Intelligent Innovations is a product development company with a breadth of experience, developing technology solutions across multiple industries.

We are a company that provides viable technology solutions for business growth. We are Strategic Tech partners of top tier organisations in Nigeria, helping them achieve process automation, better customer engagements and revenue growth through technology.


We help provide digital transformation for our clients, helping them achieve scale for their businesses.

Our process guarantees product success.



Delving Deep into Your Vision: We take the time to understand your business objectives and aspirations. We believe that a thorough understanding of your goals and challenges is key to crafting a winning solution.


Project Scoping

Where Plans Take Shape: Through meticulous planning and scoping, we outline a clear roadmap that leads us to the most efficient and effective solution for your specific needs.


Solution Architecture

Building for the Future: Our solution architecture is designed to create a solid foundation for your success. We develop robust and scalable solutions that adapt and grow with your business.


User Journey & UI Design

Engaging Experiences that Inspire: We understand the importance of creating intuitive and captivating user experiences. Through meticulous user journey and UI design, we ensure customer engagement and retention.


Software Development

Engineering Excellence: Our team of skilled developers transforms ideas into reality. We deliver reliable and innovative software that meets your unique requirements.


Testing & Support

Ensuring Excellence in Delivery: Dedicated quality assurance ensures a flawless performance, and our ongoing support guarantees that your solution continues to excel.

What sets us apart?


Our modus operandi is driven by Innovation, hence all our products have a unique innovative edge.

Breadth & Depth of Experience

We have a broad base of experience in software development and business growth across multiple industries.

Unique Mix of the Best Minds

The right mix of talents and projects ensures we are able to connect value across different cultures, demographics and sectors.

Our Audacity

We are not afraid to take on new challenges or follow paths that haven’t been travelled before.





We have a strong bias for action - we pounce on opportunities and are not satisfied if we’re not moving forward. We are decisive, agile, courageous and exceptional at execution.




We are accountable to our clients (and their customers). We create value for all those we serve.




We look for a keen sense of humor in addition to passion, dedication and exceptional skills. We look for this in our partners and people alike




We have an exciting culture from which we heavily influence our industry, demonstrate our strength in the solutions and campaigns we design for our clients. We never stop innovating.




We really own it - our roles as individuals, mistakes we may make, our culture, the market, value creation and at the end of the day, our stewardship of our customers’ customer. We take ownership to heart




We are nimble when we seize the opportunities to respond our clients changing needs or the market in general.